Wood boring insects - Beetles

Left undetected wood boring insects will cause serious damage to untreated timber and in structural situations this can have a detrimental effect on the strength and integrity of the construction.

Our company offers surveys to determine the presence of:

Excessive moisture
If excessive moisture is detected within a building our surveyor will provide advice or recommend the installation of suitable ventilation products to control the humidity, as damp timber is susceptible to wood boring insect attack.

Wood boring insect infestations
If our survey detects the presence of wood boring insect infestation, our surveyor will advise the most appropriate treatment/industry approved product.
The method of treatment is dependent on the type of wood boring species attacking the timber and this will be detailed within the report.

Decayed and structurally weak timber
If either or both are detected, our surveyor will advise this to be cut out and replaced with new, pressure treated, structurally graded timber.

The timber treatment we use is a dual purpose wood preservative for the prevention and eradication of wood destroying fungi, wet rot, dry rot and wood boring insects.

All products that are specified and applied by the company in the course of our work are COSHH and risk assessed in accordance with manufactures data sheets, current recommendations and good practice.

Appropriate guarantees, copies of products data sheets, and HSE approved sheets are to be provided to the customer for their records on completion of the work.

Our service includes advice on preventative/control measures on all of the above.
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Public Liability -

All work is covered by a £5,000,000.00 public liability insurance.

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PCM Pest Control is an approved contractor of Sovereign Chemicals.


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We had a serious pest problem with rats at our establishment. We brought in PCM Pest Control, long story short they were excellent. Eradicated the problem and then implemented strategies that prevented the return of these vermin pest. Thank you so much PCM Pest Control!

~ Christoph, P. Ashburton, Devon


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